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Thorough Background Investigations & Due Diligence Services

Failure to uncover important information prior to formal contractual agreements could lead to serious and costly consequences. So, if you are entering into a formal business relationship in a new area or location, or hiring new employees, trust USS to provide reliable, timely, and detailed background reports and profiles.

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Our network of consultants and experts provide valuable due diligence and background investigations on executives, senior management, and corporations, so you'll have the information that is not readily available but essential to your company. Background inquiries conducted by USS will normally include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal & Civil
  • Financial History
  • Financial Reviews
  • Professional & Personal Reputation
  • Regulatory Checks
  • General Due Diligence Checks

- Media Search
- Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

USS will also examine whether an overseas firm or individual has engaged in conflicts of interest and/or untoward business ethics. All significant derogatory information will be reported immediately.